"Reggie has been coming to breakfast club for a while now and he enjoys coming to play and the interaction from the teachers is fantastic. I know Reggie is safe and happy to be here and the teachers take care of him and ensure that he has a wonderful morning. Thank you to all."
Mrs Lucas

'Ronan loves coming to shine clubs, he has lots of fun playing with the rest of the children and the n numerous activities that you do."
Mrs Halacheva

"Zain loves the shine club, I think the shine club is outstanding. It's a great place for learning and play. Thanks to all the staff involved."
Mrs Khan

"I am very pleased with the service of shine club, my son enjoys coming and I feel at ease with knowing that he is there. The staff are always welcoming."
Miss Anees

"Shin Clubs provide an excellent service, it's been piece of mind when going to work. My daughter thoroughly enjoys doing all the activities and loves the staff. Thanks so much."
Mrs Gore

"I like shine clubs because it's fun."
Ria - aged 6yrs

"I like shine clubs, I particularly like the activities and I also like going outside. I like the food especially and the treats we get."
Kevin - aged 9yrs

"I like going to the ICT room
Maya - aged 6 yrs

"Shine club is really fun! I really enjoy it, they have lots of activities and have loads of fun."
Faraaz - aged 10yrs


Mission Statement :

Provide a safe, clean, well-organised environment which gives children the opportunity to learn and become independent within a well structured group.

Enable parents/guardians

SHINE clubs

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