To secure a place at Shine Clubs you will need to fill out our booking forms that can be found at your school office. You can book for a one off session or for an entire half term.

We understand the difficulties of juggling a career and looking after school aged children. It is almost impossible to find reliable low cost child care. To employ a nanny costs a fortune and childminders are often unable to offer the flexibility needed for families with children of school age.

Shine Clubs works in conjunction with the needs of parents and carers. We provide a service that supports today's demanding lifestyle.

Costs & Times

8am - 8.55am - Just Play = £2

8am - 8.55am - Play & Food = £3

3.30pm - 4.45pm = £5

4.45pm - 6pm = £5

Food is available at both after school sessions and includes fresh fruit and sandwiches

All sessions take place Monday to Friday when the school is open


Mission Statement :

Provide a safe, clean, well-organised environment which gives children the opportunity to learn and become independent within a well structured group.

Enable parents/guardians

SHINE clubs

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0701 7404730