Shine Clubs provide peace of mind to all parents and carers by providing a safe and stimulating environment where children can play, have fun and learn whilst being cared for by our qualified and experienced staff.

We understand what parents expect for their children when choosing childcare, so we provide a comprehensive range of services that reduces the pressure on parents and provides maximum benefits for the children.

Our aim is to continue to provide peace of mind to all parents and carers by maintaining a safe learning environment in which children are happy and thus raising the standards in childcare provision.

About Us

SHINE clubs provide the highest standard of after school childcare services for parents and carers in the community and beyond.

SHINE clubs believes all children regardless of their personal circumstances or abilities should be able to participate in and enjoy our array of activities. It improves a child's confidence to get involved with the session, have the skills to participate and show a desire to improve and achieve.

Our enthusiastic staff will be able to meet the energetic needs of every child.


Mission Statement :

Provide a safe, clean, well-organised environment which gives children the opportunity to learn and become independent within a well structured group.

Enable parents/guardians

SHINE clubs

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